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Our team is composed of offensive security experts with a strong appetite for sharing their passion through organizing Hexacon and providing you a memorable experience. The support of Synacktiv, our company, is essential in this adventure. Discover the ninjas behind the masks!

Our motivations

Does the world really need another offensive security conference?
As our sector is rapidly growing these last years, we think the number of conferences must also keep up. Indeed, these events are paramount to transmit technical knowledge as well as important venues for socializing within the community.

Europe can accommodate another infosec event

Although Europe already harbours some exceptional offensive security events, overall it showcases only a few dozens talks per year. We think our continent is capable of producing much more technical content.

No major infosec conference in France

Even though France can boast to gather a vibrant community of infosec professionals, it is pretty inexistent when it comes to world class conferences.
Hexacon aims to fix that.

French people need to practice their english

By imposing that every talk must be in English, we hope to coerce our fellow French men and women to overcome language barriers and mingle among a truly global community.

We want to give our friends an excuse to spend the week in Paris

We learned through the pandemic how invaluable and irreplaceable physical meetups are, and Paris in October is incredible!

A team of talented and dedicated people

Seasoned professionals

Most of the team members have several years of experience as a pentester, reverse engineer or vulnerability researcher. You know what to expect from a technical conference, and so do we.

Experienced in organizing infosec conferences

Many of our members are involved in either the organization or the review committee of conferences such as feu-NoSuchCon, GreHack, SSTIC, LeHack, etc.

Community driven

We often take part into CTFs, meetups, and all sorts of security events. We think that the social aspect of a conference is almost as important as the technical content. What matters to us is the people (and the beer).

About Synacktiv

For more than 10 years now, Synacktiv worked hard to become the French reference among offensive security shops. By recruiting the best experts of its profession and building an in-house deep technical expertise, it can offer high-end services to its customers.

Synacktiv believes that sharing this level of expertise contributes directly to raising the overall level of security and should not be kept to oneself.

That's why Synacktiv encourages its employees to share their research findings and it is in this sense that Hexacon is just a natural extension of that commitment.


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